Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bubble Tea

Everyone should try it!
Thanks Grace Feng for introducing me! (She prefers the Taro Root)
My first time was in China Town so I don't know if anywhere else compares.

Best place in the middle TN area is definitely Fat Straw.
 Andrew thought is was interesting... better without the boba ("i'll take yours")
He's enjoying the Black Tea, but it's Thai Tea for me.

We tried the Chill Spot in Brentwood, but not near as many flavors or bobas..

In my attempt to get everyone to try it, I forced Savannah.

She was excited on the way and had no idea what to expect...
She tried the Thai tea (which is amazing) and hated it, but I was slightly relieved because I tried red bean and it was horrid!! His adventurous side chose Avocado.. not bad, but colder would have made it better.

Well it's official, I am obsessed!

 I have searched many international markets to find all of the necessities for making homemade bubble tea... learning a lot along the way (there are rainbow boba!). I have not quite perfected the portions of condensed milk and sugar syrup but I do have the most important piece of the puzzle, the fat straws!

Watch out world I am about to be open for business.

Hello Valentine

I will have to say that I was actually surprised with flowers and a card when I got to work on Tuesday night. Since we had celebrated a few days earlier I had no idea.

How sweet... and looking pretty snazzy I might add.
A balloon to scare me as I open the door from the garage...

This day was full of unexpected events!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spoon Rests

Painting Pottery like a Pro!

For Sandie's birthday I gave her a gift certificate to All Fired Up since she had never done it before and she invited me to join! It was a blast and we got pretty creative...

These are what they look like before being fired... I am excited to see the finished product!!!