Monday, January 30, 2012

Start Posing

So after about 17 months and much disappointment I found out that my camera could have been fixed in about five minutes. The geek squad at Best Buy did a hard reset (that was free) and sent the healthy little snapper on his way.

Olympus Stylus Tough 6020

Back in business and just in time for the blog! I am a photo-holic so it has been hard to go without for so long, but that is a problem no more.

Special thanks to Micah for taking this precious piece for repair... you are going to reget it now

Friday, January 27, 2012

Paige's Birthday

Celebrated January 24th - Paige turned 26 years old
Happy Birthday!
The world's largest cake holder was  purchased!

A week prior Grace and I met up at Noshville for breakfast to discuss the top secret plans of the upcoming birthday. She snuck into Paige's house and hid various items all around and send snail mail with hints leading to these treats. Well, Paige found most of the gifts ahead of time by fluke but still enjoyed the thought.

Dinner was at Yolos in Green Hills where we were placed in the most warmly heated table ever possible. The food was good and then the cake was brought out... it was four layers of alternating white and red velvet with homemade whipped cream between each and on the outside - Delicious! This cake was made and assembled with a crane courtesy of Grace Feng with the help from Pinterest.

After dinner we went to the Greenhouse for a drink but it wasn't the right crowd so we ended up at Whiskey Kitchen where it seemed perfect. Drank a couple tasy beverages and even ate appetizers which I don't know how that happened. We didn't try the infamous Hot Chicken but we can save that until next time.

It was a Monday night so we called it quits a little early but the night was a great success!

Highlights of 2011


Big things happened this year!
 I became an official Home Owner

Bought a brand new car: 2011 Honda Accord Coupe

Tried new things: 
I discovered Geocaching!
I found my love of bubble tea
French press is the only way to drink coffee
Food: dim sum chicken feet, chicken liver mousse and duck proscuitto (flyte), foie gras with pop rocks (Graham), cucumber special sauce (Grace), bone marrow (Purple Pig), & Ethiopian
Patterson House is the best bar in Nashville

 Did a little traveling
to visit my second family

Lake in Knoxville
where I learned to Ski
Family in Alabama
 Cruise to Jamaica 

Colorado, Chattanooga, and Atlanta for Six Flags

Celebrated with Friends

Supported Family

Councilman Glover in the flesh

Went to a few weddings

Graduations to the next step
Completion of school for one and the beginning for the others.

Found out about babies