Monday, May 28, 2012


Australian Cattle Dogs are the best!
When chose him from a line up when they all looked white... this is him at 5 weeks!
Car ride home... finally!


Memorial Day Weekend
I flew out to Colorado to visit.
Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures but they would have mostly been of a child's baseball tournament. Of course I did take pictures of one of my favorite hobbies... eating.

D Bar - an uptown Denver restaurant dedicated to dessert and drinks. We ordered a fancy banana split, molten cake brownies, flash fried blueberry pie, and vanilla bean creme brulee. No one left disappointed.

Lucile's Creole Cafe - Littleton: Known for its atmosphere and breakfast, more specifically the beignets which we had to try. It all sounded tasty so it was decided that we would share everything. Going for traditional New Orleans cuisine so shrimp and grits was a must, as well as, Eggs Sardou and Rockefeller recommended by our server. 

 Before returning to Nashville we stopped at the Denver Zoo

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tour de Hermitage

Yes, it is a Diamondback hybrid...
(birthday present to myself)

With one job we will have a lot more time to do the hobbies we have been wanting to get into... feeling outdoorsy?! 

Even splurged for the bike rack so that we could go to the greenway...

Took a few pictures of the scenery on our first ride:

Monday, May 21, 2012

National Holiday

The birthday celebration doesn't end until after you have had a night out with the besties

We met at The Palm for a delicious dinner.
As always we ordered tons of food: beef tenderloin carpaccio, ahi tuna, ribeye, fish, creamed spinach and hashbrown potatoes which was almost all eaten.
We make our friends work for their presents so a scavenger hunt type game that uses the caricatures on the walls was born.. read the clue then walk aimlessly through the restaurant while attempting to find the sketch. Very fun! 
Of course, kid rock was an answer!
And my fave Mel Gibson... I wasn't great at this game.
No they do not sell this ice cream sandwich ice cream cake at The Palm... this was actually found on pinterest and made by Grace Feng (seen below).

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Best Day of 2012

Happy 26th Birthday to ME!
The best day of the year has arrived...
full of French inspiration
Sunday, May 20th

It began with an amazing and relaxing morning of crepes and coffee with baileys with my man as we prepare for what is to come.

At noon we showed up at Union Station for an event called Savor Nashville. It is an annual tasting of food by chefs from restaurants around the city, the catch is that it has to use Tennessee made product (Jack Daniels, GooGoo Clusters and something else). We voted for our favorite... the brisket was definitely at the top of the list and it turns out that it was the winner! A close second was the bacon ice cream... nothing we have ever had.
At the event they had a complimentary bloody mary and a sample shot of Jack Daniels Honey Whiskey...

Although fun the event was not as filling as we thought it would be so we stopped at Margot Cafe. The poached egg with marinara and the asparagus omlet were delectible and the french day continued.
Before dinner we stopped at the parents house who kept with the theme of the day. Made from scratch a french cake and had a bottle of wine (which I didn't spill on my white dress), porcelain tea pot, and truffle tea all set up. We played some games and enjoyed the company.
As for dinner it was fancy french at Miel!
This was long awaited because their menu looked great...
and they try to use mostly local products.
For an appetizer we had escargot and steak tartare, then for dinner I chose the antelope while Micah had Rabbit Gnocchi. We are definitely wanna be foodies so this was a fantastic selection to add to our repertoire.
During dinner I received a surprise! It is perfect for me... If you know me then you know that I am super picky and I don't know how he picked out jewelry but I was very impressed.
Another very successful birthday! Can't wait for next year... I'm getting old.