Sunday, July 8, 2012

Closer to the Equator

San Salvador, Bahamas
Size 5X12 miles; Population almost 1,000

The purpose of this vacation was to go below sea level for seven days straight... and that is exactly what we did. This place was meant for scuba diving and there is nothing else to do there.
 We stayed at Riding Rock Inn and Marina which is right on the water and a five minute walk from the dock. It is family owned and they are always there willing to answer questions or get anything you need. Every meal is included with your stay (the conch chowder is amazing) and they even had a cookout for America's Independence Day.
The crime rate is zero so we actually left all of our equipment on the boat all week and everyone pretty much left their doors unlocked. It was very laid back.
While 40feet under the water we saw tons of fish of course; yellow tail snapper, groupers, jacks, angel fish, barracuda, blue tang, black durgon, trumpetfish, rock beaty, parrot fish and my favorites the lion fish and drum. We also sting rays and three kinds of shark.. not to brag but we saw a Hammerhead!
The airport is very small, one room actually and right when you walk off the plane you walk through it and onto the island. It is equiped with a phone booth and bar across the street. Since the plane was an hour late we had a little extra time to takes some pictures

Coincidence but I matched their flag!

Last walk along the beach...

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