Thursday, July 12, 2012

Feng Birthday

July 12th
The Birthday of none other than Grace Feng!

We met at South Street for a drink in the tree house... the open air felt nice while we were catching up.

Then on the the main event at Kayne Prime
(or Kayne West as some with bad phonics like to call it)

                  Surprised(embarassed) with three 2-ft sunflowers that we sat at the table

Food was good: Canoes of Beef and Tuna to start then we jumped into the main course. You aren't taking advantage of a steakhouse unless you get the Wagyu Filet and Wood Fired Whole Lobster with cream corned brulee and creamed spinach. Since it was her birthday they even brought out a Milk Chocolate Cremoso.
Party Favors that I am sure our fellows diners found amusing... mustaches!
Gifting time! Thanks Jason for the wine and game, but Paige saved it with the princess bag. We thought she needed to make waffles while doing some yoga, those definitely relate.
Time to depart, but not before a great photo opt... and even though we didn't eat the asian cake I am sure it didn't go to waste.

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